5 LGBT things for you to know today, April 7

1. Gay “American Idol” runner-up turned politico Clay Aiken leads in yesterday’s Democratic primary for a U.S. House seat in North Carolina, but it’s too close to call as of Wednesday morning. Aiken leads by less than 400 votes out of 28,000 cast, and is just barely above the 40 percent mark he needs to have in order to avoid a runoff.

2. Speaking of gay guys running for office in North Carolina, a conservative state Senate candidate has confirmed reports that he used to work as a drag queen at a gay bar. “Miss Mona Sinclair” has campaigned primarily on his support of the state’s gay marriage ban.

3. Buzzfeed has the super sweet story behind “the military proposal that won the internet’s heart.

4. “Knowing that marriage even so is a powerful bond when recognized by the law and therefore by your community, in a new way, do you, Jennie, now choose marriage to Nancy under the law? And do you, Nancy, now choose marriage to Jennie under the law?” Meet the lesbian senior citizen couple who are about to file a gay marriage lawsuit in South Dakota.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Which creature are you in the gay animal kingdom? Let 25-year-old NYC-based cartoonist and vlogger “Hat” explain in this viral video.