5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 10

1. LGBT couples in Hawaii are petitioning for equal access to in-vitro fertilization treatment and surrogacy programs. Under state law, heterosexual couples are able to obtain financial assistance for the procedure, but LGBT couples are not.

2. An update on the anti-LGBT environment in Chechnya: the country reportedly opened the first concentration camps for homosexual individuals since the Hitler era.

3. The New York Times explores the gender spectrum and how reporting on transgender and gender non-binary individuals changed throughout journalism history.

4. Two Congressional representatives just re-introduced the Safe Schools Improvement Act, which if signed into law would require schools to have anti-bullying policies that protect LGBT students.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Actor Asia Kate Dillon, who identifies as non-binary, is known for their roles in the shows “Orange is the New Black” and most recently, “Billions” — for which Dillon was nominated for an Emmy. When it came to choosing whether to submit their nomination under the “actor” or “actress” category, however, Dillon wasn’t sure which to choose, which led to a thoughtful exchange with the Television Academy. Dillon shared some of their thoughts on being a gender non-binary actor recently on “Ellen.”