5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 11

1. “He was fighting with his boyfriend the entire night. They were in the bathroom at Burger King and when Jordan came out, he started crap with someone else and talking about fighting. When the other guy got involved, Jordan continued to talk shit and threatened to fight him. He approached the guy to fight him and it didn’t end up in his favor. There was absolutely no kiss involved and had nothing to do with being gay or a hate crime.” Remember that recent so-called hate crime at a Burger King in Miami Beach? Well some witnesses, including gay men, are alleging that the supposed victim was actually the aggressor.

2. “My longtime partner, Amber, and I have always felt welcomed in my home state, and it hurts my soul to think of anyone not feeling welcome.” Who did the state of Mississippi pick to be on the cover of their tourism guide? None other than Robin Roberts. The out “Good Morning America” co-host comments on the interview she did for the guide last year, before the state passed the recent anti-LGBT “religious freedom” bill.

3. Meet the seven-year old who stood up to transphobic North Carolina lawmakers on behalf his trans best friend.

4. NBC News says LGBT rights and worker rights are the new battles between blue and red America.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: “60 Minutes” profiles Harvard swimmer Schuyler Bailar, who may be the first openly transgender male athlete to compete in a NCAA Division I men’s sport.