1. It’s not going anywhere this session — and was blasted on Twitter by Gov. Roy Cooper — but some North Carolina legislators attempted to undermine the US Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality this year by introducing House Bill 780, the “Uphold Historical Marriage Act.”

2. India passed a historic law this week that prohibits discrimination against those with HIV/AIDS. It is also now illegal to divulge an individual’s HIV status without consent.

3. NBC takes a look at Sanford University’s LGBTQ Executive Leadership Program, which teaches participants how to use their identity to influence and strengthen their personal leadership styles, as well as build a peer network.

4. Sacramento’s Kenna Cook is teaching California what it means to be bisexual and pansexual, one pancake breakfast at a time.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: The New York State Appeals Court justice who wrote a groundbreaking decision in a Lambda Legal parenting case has died. Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam helped clear the way for parents with no biological ties, including LGBT parents, to seek parenting rights to their children.

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