5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 22

1. Judge Vaughn Walker, who presided over the Prop 8 trial that led to the legalization of gay marriage in California, blinked back tears during the trial as a man testified about undergoing conversion therapy—because the openly gay Walker had gone through the same thing years before.

2. Next to fall? A circuit judge in Arkansas says he will issue a ruling in a gay marriage lawsuit within two weeks. “I’ve already got an idea where I’m going, but I’m still drifting,” he told Arkansas News.

3. A lesbian couple were allegedly thrown out of a KFC in the UK after other customers objected to what was described as “heavy petting.”

4. Snap into a Slim Jim! The WWE teams up with the NOH8 Campaign for quite the interesting photoshoot. Kudos to them.

5. The Washington Post says anti-gay marriage sentiment in the GOP is fading. POLITICO says it isn’t.

(photo via NOH8)