5 LGBT things you need to know today, Dec. 13

1. Transgender teens in youth detention centers face a number of issues related to housing, counseling and even whether or not they’re allowed access to hormone therapy — it all depends on which state they’re in. The corrections profession is “still learning,” according to Anne Nelson, president of the Juvenile Corrections Council.

2. Amrou Al-Kadhi left his home in the Middle East at age 18 after years of his family fearing for his soul because of his sexuality. Now, at 26, Al-Kadhi fell back in love with the culture he tried to run away from because of the medium he ran to in the first place: drag.

3. Thanks to Kalki Subramaniam, the voices of transgender women in India are growing louder. Subramaniam teaches her students how to write scripts, film movies and tell stories, including their own.

4. Amy Schumer tells Ellen about being disappointed that no one hit on her when she worked at a lesbian bar.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: A little NSFW Christmas cheer, brought to you by Lady Galore and Drag Queens United.