5 LGBT things you need to know today, Dec. 27

1. If you happened to visit the High Museum of Art earlier this year, there’s a chance you saw works by painter Vik Muniz. Muniz’s latest installation, “Perfect Strangers,” will soon be up in New York subway stations, and features a gay couple. He said the piece is meant to show the different people commuters see on their daily rides.

2. North Carolina will be out another $120,000 in revenue come 2018. The Business Historians Conference, a higher education gathering, announced it’s moving the conference to Baltimore, Maryland, to protest North Carolina’s “bathroom bill,” or HB2.

3. India’s Sahaj Alternate Learning Centre will open this week for transgender students who dropped out of school. The center will take on the role of finishing these students’ education, including vocational skills, to put an end to transgender Indians being forced into low-paying jobs or sex work to make ends meet.

4. The National Women’s Hockey League is the nation’s first to tackle transgender athletes’ ability to play. Harrison Browne, a transgender man, played in the league’s inaugural season as Hailey Browne, and came out during this season. His transition opened the door for NWHL officials to create policies based on those passed by the International Olympic Committee to ensure its athletes are not discriminated against.

5. In the wake of George Michael’s death on Christmas Day, this 1992 video of the singer rehearsing Queen’s “Somebody To Love” for the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert has been making the rounds. One of the reasons? Skip to around the 3:12 mark and you’ll notice another LGBT icon we lost this year, David Bowie (and that’s Seal next to him).