5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 13

1. LGBT residents in Jacksonville are close to getting a city-wide ordinance to protect them against discrimination. Predictably, the religious right claim that such an ordinance would result in discrimination against them.

2. Membership, social media followings and donations are pouring into the American Civil Liberties Union, which the ACLU says is a result of the 2016 presidential election.

3. Jeff Sessions was barely two days into his appointment as attorney general when his department took to fighting back against transgender rights. According to BuzzFeed, the Justice Department announced it was withdrawing its request that the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals limit a lower court’s nationwide injunction of “pro-transgender policies” to only cover states that brought litigation.

4. Shannon Keating, the editor of BuzzFeed LGBT, raised an interesting question in an op/ed yesterday: What will happen to lesbian identity during this gender revolution?

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Australian singer Greg Gould was let go from his record company because he and his Instagram account were “too gay.” Gould went independent, and released “#DontLetGo,” a song that chronicles both loving and difficult life situations LGBT individuals face every day.