5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 16

1. Yesterday, the Southern Poverty Law Center named the litigation organization Alliance Defending Freedom as an anti-LGBT hate group. The Alliance Defending Freedom filed a number of “religious freedom” lawsuits and tries to stop anti-discrimination bills in their tracks, among other things.

2. It’s not easy being queer … particularly when you are bisexual and dating a cisgender man, or a transman who appears cisgender, and everyone thinks you’re straight. An op/ed from NewNowNext explains.

3. Some LGBT-inclusive churches will have an extra-sparkly Ash Wednesday this year. They’re mixing glitter in with the traditional palm branch ashes. (Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Christian period of repentance, called Lent, and is commemorated by spreading blessed ashes across peoples’ foreheads.)

4. Y’all. Colton Haynes — a.k.a Roy in the CW show “Arrow” — just introduced his boyfriend to the world. On Valentine’s Day, no less.

5. Even allies and members of the LGBT community are sometimes guilty of making assumptions about transmen and women. Here’s why that needs to stop: