5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 23

1. A woman in Memphis landed in jail after punching her son in the face for being “too feminine and too gay.” She was booked on charges of domestic assault.

2. “More than that, though, being gay opened my eyes to the world around me. Learning that not every gay person had it as good as I did helped me realize that a lot of people in general didn’t have it as good as I did. I wouldn’t be a politically engaged human being, let alone an activist, writer and TV personality, if I weren’t gay.” CNN commentator Sally Kohn on why she wants her daughter to be gay.

3. Check out these newly released photos from inside Studio 54.

4. Anti-gay actor Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” nearly swept this year’s Razzie Awards “honoring” the year’s worst films. The film got worst picture and worst screenply, Cameron got worst actor, and worst screen combo went to Cameron and his ego.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Everybody’s favorite lesbian twin singers Tegan and Sara livened up the Oscars Sunday night performing “Everything Is Awesome” from “The LEGO Movie.” Video above.