5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 4

1. The Florida Supreme Court will hear arguments today to decide if gay sex constitutes “sexual intercourse.” The case arose in Key West in 2011 when a man was charged with falsely telling another man he was HIV-negative before they had sex. A circuit court judge dismissed the case, saying state law defined “sexual intercourse” as between a men and women. The state appealed and the appeals court overturned the circuit court judge’s ruling, leading to the issue landing on the Florida Supreme Court’s docket.

2. “[W]hat the state defines as marriage no longer embodies God’s purposes in creation. An easy acceptance of divorce damages marriage; widespread cohabitation devalues marriage. But so-called same-sex marriage is a graver threat, because what is now given the name of marriage in law is a parody of marriage.” 50 high-level Catholic and evangelical leaders (including pastor Rick Warren and former NOM leader Maggie Gallagher) signed a letter saying gay marriage is worse than divorce. The letter will appear in the March edition of the conservative journal First Things.

3. A writer and photographer explore the gay bars of West Texas in this can’t-miss Buzzfeed piece.

4. “Even though some of your friends might be gay, which is great, they are not ‘yours.’ You do not own them. We are not cattle. We are not purses. And the next time you feel like saying ‘my gays,’ replace it with ‘my blacks,’ and see how that turns out.” Bravo’s Andy Cohen dresses down the ladies from “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” who refer to their gay friends as “my gays.”

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: “But I hear your dog whistle. This is about that fundamentalist fear that if gay marriage becomes the law of the land, Christian businesses will have to cater gay weddings, or tailor their slim-fitted gay suits. And maybe they would, but why does this concern for religious small businesses only come up around gay people? When straight people get married, doesn’t the Bible say they’re supposed to be virgins? Or at least the woman is; thank you Bible. I’m pretty sure Christian business owners, when the happy couple come to order their cake, doesn’t go ‘Well I’d love to bake your cake, but first, a hymen test.” Jon Stewart shreds Mike Huckabee on his latest comments on the gays.