1. “Once the Supreme Court pries open this Pandora’s Box of marriage, all of the evil contained therein will be unleashed. No conceivable form of marriage will be dubbed too extreme – whether it be unions with animals, between adults and children, or any other marital concoction. The term ‘marriage’ will know no bounds; as a consequence, it will lose its import and societal purpose.” Nate Kellum from the Center for Religious Expression was never a fan of rationality.

2. Story and pics from the marriages of 100 same-sex couples on the beach at sunset in Fort Lauderdale.

3. Venezuelan supermodel Patricia Velasquez has come out.

4. Takei hits Broadway! The gay actor and social media darling’s World War II internment camp musical is headed for the Great White Way.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Madonna is a matador in her new music video for the single “Living For Love.”

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