5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 20

1. “It’s just another part of the whirlwind, but a really great part.” One of the gay couples who successfully sued for the right to marry in Florida will be in attendance at President Obama’s State of the Union address tonight.

2. “We’re not going to have the gay math lesson or the gay geography lesson. But when we’re talking about populations in geography we might look at something like the Jewish diaspora — so where Jews have moved from central locations to across the whole world. With gay populations, that sometimes happens the opposite way around — where people come from everywhere and they gravitate to certain towns and cities.” The UK is planning to open its first school for LGBT students.

3. “If your son is under the mistaken impression that he is going to somehow ‘protect’ his children by isolating them from gay people, he must be living in an alternate reality. Does he also plan to emigrate to the moon?” Dear Abby gives advice to a woman whose son won’t allow her and her partner to see her grandchildren because she’s gay.

4. South America’s first lesbian surf camp is opening. Finally!

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Morgan Reynolds mashes up and slows down Taylor Swift and No Doubt.