5 LGBT things you need to know today, Jan. 29

1. “When the cops walked up, they were on [Hernandez’s] side of the car, and they shot the window and they shot her. That’s when she wrecked, and that’s when the cop got hit.” LGBT and Latino residents are looking for answers after Denver police officers shot and killed a 17-year-old Latina lesbian.

2. Three-fourths of Americans support openly gay athletes in pro sports, per this new survey.

3. “Attaching a movie to a worthy cause has, of course, become de rigueur among modern-day Oscar campaigns. Two years ago, The Weinstein Co. sent the Silver Linings Playbook team to Congress to lobby on behalf of mental health legislation. Such gestures are well intentioned, calculated to use a movie to raise awareness about a social issue, but they’re also designed to translate the urge to do something about that issue into Oscar support.” The Hollywood Reporter on how “The Imitation Game” is “finally” playing the gay card.

4. Find out why there was a gay sex scene between Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s characters in the original script for “Good Will Hunting.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Check out this trailer for the film “Pass The Light,” about a high school student who rallies his community against an anti-gay political candidate.