1. After a decade of being head of the United Nations, South Korea’s Ban Ki-moon, an “unlikely” LGBT rights champion, left his post this week. Ban is succeeded by Antonio Guterres of Portugal.

2. The Filipino House of Representatives will soon vote on a bill that puts LGBT help desks in police stations. The bill amends existing legislation that put such desks in police stations on behalf of women.

3. Yesterday’s Rose Parade featured a float honoring the victims of last June’s Pulse nightclub shooting. Three survivors of the attack rode on the float, which featured 49 stars — one for each individual killed.

4. Lesbian fiancees Taylor Milam and Alex Samuel share what it’s like to plan a wedding as a “butch” and “femme” couple in a world where heterosexual weddings are still the norm.

5. In a bombshell over the weekend, Mariah Brown, daughter of TLC’s “Sister Wives” stars Kody Brown and first wife Meri, came out as gay at the end of Sunday’s episode. Clips of the reveal were teased leading up to the episode airing, and next week’s episode reportedly shows the reaction of Mariah’s dad and four moms. In the 2013 video below, the Brown parents tell Huffington Post they do support gay marriage. Show viewers will soon find out if that is still the case.

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