5 LGBT things you need to know today, July 17

1. “I have a song called ‘Just A Wee Bit Gay.’ It’s a great little dance tune.” Dolly Parton is planning on doing an LGBT-friendly dance album.

2. “KFC is old and not expanding. Chick-fil-A is newer and coming to a town near you. We Americans like to try new things. Like gay sex, which is also rising in popularity.” Daily Beast op-ed on Chick-Fil-A overtaking KFC to become the nation’s largest chicken chain.

3. Check out these rare photos from the late 1970s giving a glimpse into San Francisco’s Fairoaks bathhouse.

4. Wow. A pastor in Texas set himself on fire and died to protest homophobia, racism and the death penalty.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Michael Sam gives a teary, emotional speech as he accepts the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at last night’s ESPY Awards. Sam is the NFL’s first openly gay NFL player.