5 LGBT things you need to know today, July 31

1. “I want to be able to inspire people to know that the world doesn’t end when they change their sex.” People magazine has a feature on Robina Asti, the 93-year-old trans woman who received survivor benefits from the Social Security Administration after Lambda Legal fought on her behalf. The SSA has updated their procedures for transgender spouses as a result.

2. The 16-year-old high school student who correctly answered a question on Jeopardy last week about shade does a Reddit AMA and gives a ridiculously nuanced and thoughtful take on the subject of ownership of terms that originated among LGBT people of color.

3. “I can’t think of any Supreme Court decision in history that has ever created so rapid and broad a lower-court groundswell in a single direction as Windsor. Nor can I think of any historical examples in which lower courts have so overwhelmingly and universally read a Supreme Court decision one way, only to have the court say ‘Never mind, you’ve all gotten it wrong.’” Legal experts on the unique inevitability of the marriage equality issue being heard by the Supreme Court.

4. “These are human beings who view these issues on a deeply personal level, but at the same time, they’re elected officials, and articulating those views may be — understandably — complicated by their political situation.” The Hill on how Republican lobbyists are working behind the scenes to convince their party to come around on marriage equality.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: “I can’t imagine my life without him.” This adorable couple, who have been together for 50 years, are featured in an ad for Why Marriage Matters Ohio.