5 LGBT things you need to know today, June 14

1. In Alabama this week, the KKK and white nationalists showed up to protest Pride, and the police department referred to the disruption as a “peaceful rally” from both sides.

2. Danica Roem, a candidate for Virginia’s state House, just won the Democratic primary and will face an anti-LGBT delegate in the final election. Roem, a former journalist, is transgender.

3. There’s a new Pride flag flying in Philly — the #MoreColorMorePride rainbow includes black and brown stripes to celebrate the racial diversity of the LGBT community.

4. The Advocate introduces us to the team of folks who made this year’s World OutGames possible. The Miami, Florida, event was unexpectedly cancelled due to financial issues the organizers hadn’t made public, shocking city officials and athletes alike, but was saved by a group of advocates.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Human rights workers say more than 30 South Korean soldiers have been charged since March 2017 with homosexual activity — which isn’t illegal in the country, but is in the military. Take a look at the full report.