5 LGBT things you need to know today, June 18

1. President Obama urged the LGBT community to keep up the pressure on Congress on passing the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The remarks came at a fundraiser Tuesday night in New York, where the president was introduced by Edith Windsor, the plaintiff at the center of the case last June that led to the striking down of a major portion of the Defense of Marriage Act.

2. Speaking of the president, the White House will meet with LGBT rights activists on Thursday to discuss how to move forward on ENDA and benefits for same-sex couples like Social Security and veterans benefits.

3. “He’s male. He needs to look like a male.” The DMV refused to take a photo of a South Carolina teenager for his drivers license until he removed his makeup. The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund has taken up his case.

4. Attention “Orange is the New Black” fans: Buzzfeed has a great interview with actress Lea DeLaria, aka Big Boo.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: “”Being gay is not a choice. But being a Texas Republican is. So my advice is the next time you feel the urge to be a Texas Republican – to replace science textbooks with pictures of humans riding dinosaurs or ban same sex marriage, or put on [a stuffed elephant] hat, shit in a jar and sniff it! It won’t cure you but do it anyway. Hopefully it will remind you of what assholes you’re being.” Jon Stewart on the Texas GOP advocating “reparative therapy” for gay people, which includes a suggestion that someone keep their feces in a bottle and sniff it whenever they feel same-sex attraction. Video above.