5 LGBT things you need to know today, June 30

1. “This legal flip-flopping is not good for Indiana because it creates uncertainty and undermines the rule of law and the power of legal authority.” A federal appeals court has issued a stay that put on hold a U.S. district judge’s ruling that struck down Indiana’s same-sex marriage ban. It could take months to determine the validity of the marriages of the gay couples who wed in the three days following the ruling.

2. Today, the Supreme Court is expected to hand down their decision in the Hobby Lobby case involving whether a corporation can be religious and therefore get an exemption from the Affordable Care Act requirement that all insurance plans cover contraception. Depending on how broadly the court rules, it could give corporations the okay to deny services to LGBT people based on their “religious freedom.”

3. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled an ambitious plan Sunday to combat HIV, hoping to decrease new diagnoses by 2020, which would be the first time the number of people living with HIV has gone down in the state since the crisis began in 1981.

4. Cast members from Netflix’s hit TV series “Orange is the New Black” took part in New York City’s Pride parade Sunday. OITNB actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox was one of the grand marshalls.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Hear Bronski Beat vocalist Jimmy Somerville perform a stripped down piano-and-vocals-only version of the band’s “Smalltown Boy,” the 1984 song that rails against homophobia and bullying that has become a Pride anthem over the years.