1. Dr. Raymond Crossman is president of Adler University. He is also possibly the first university president to come out as HIV-positive: a status he disclosed in an essay to Salon magazine.

2. New research released late last week by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that most Americans oppose discriminatory transgender bathroom policies.

3. Three Washington, DC, residents were charged with a hate crime in the 2016 death of a transgender woman. Deeniquia Dodds was shot and killed on July 4, and the three men are also accused of robbing another transgender woman and assaulting a third. LGBT advocates praised the charges, and the defendants’ lawyers, predictably, said there was no reason to include the hate crime charge.

4. Oh, hello — Disney’s Cole Sprouse is all grown up in the show “Riverdale,” which is based on the “Archie” comic books. Click for some steamy sneak peeks.

5. ICYMI this weekend, ABC’s Brian Ross aired a year-long investigation into what happens at gay conversion camps on “20/20.” The show talks to both conservative Americans who support this practice as well as LGBT youths who managed to escape.

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