1. Casa Ruby, a LGBT community center in Washington, DC, was attacked Sunday. A young man in his 20s, who was known to employees at the center, smashed through the front door and threatened the staff. Police have a suspect in custody.

2. LA Pride will look a little different this year: the 2017 parade will be replaced by a protest “resist march” in June.

3. A step backward for LGBT families in South Dakota. The state’s governor just signed into law a bill that would provide protections for faith-based organizations that discriminated against same-sex couples that wished to adopt.

4. Ireland’s prime minister is likely to step down later this week, and a gay politician named Leo Varadkar is the favorite to take his position.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: After several seasons of romantic tensions, “Call the Midwife” characters Patsy and Delia finally, finally kiss onscreen. Watch the passionate moment here:

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