1. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Republicans’ proposed healthcare plan would actually reduce coverage for 24 million Americans over the next 10 years. White House officials and Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price do not agree with the budget office’s report.

2. In a landmark Italian court case, two gay men have been recognized as the fathers of their adopted children. The decision received high praise from Italy’s LGBT advocate groups.

3. Los Angeles-based personal trainer Jason Wimberly doesn’t like how reality TV shows portray the LGBT community. In The Advocate this week, he takes on “Fire Island,” and shares why he’s not a fan.

4. Colorado teen Casil McArthur is the first trans male supermodel — a title he’s not overly fond of, but sees it necessary so others like him can find his story.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: In this episode of People’s “American Doers,” James Marshall meets the gay couple behind the Austin, Texas, Lick Honest Ice Cream shops.

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