1. David Taffet of Dallas Voice made headlines and is inspiring changes this week after the tragic death of his husband, Brian Cross. It took 20 minutes to get his 911 call answered the night Cross died, and Taffet’s working hard to bring awareness to those call times and how improvements can be made.

2. Human Rights Campaign addressed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson this week, asking him to rescind two appointees to US delegation of the Commission on the Status of Women. The two represent anti-LGBT organizations.

3. The sorority Alpha Chi Omega announced its chapters will accept all women as members — regardless of gender. One sister wrote an emotional, personal essay about the effect this change had on her.

4. Two LGBT magazines, Out and The Advocate, may be up for sale

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Sean Spicer weighs in on whether or not anti-LGBT attacks on community centers are related to the president rescinding guidance documents on transgender rights (hint: he’s on the “not” side) as part of his White House press conference this week. His full remarks:

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