1. The president proposed changes to a national survey of elderly people, which would eliminate questions about gender identity and sexuality. LGBT advocates and allies are accusing him of trying to erase LGBT seniors from the survey.

2. A new documentary, “Two Soft Things, Two Hard Things,” examines the LGBT Inuit community in Iqualuit, Nunavet. The film combines both culture and history to show what life is like for this group of individuals, and the homophobia they face from churches that came into the region.

3. Katy Perry talks about growing up in a Christian community where she felt she had to “pray the gay away,” even though she already knew gender wasn’t quite black and white.

4. Meet a transgender CEO who is changing the way trans employees are treated in the workplace. Her Pollo West Corporation recruits trans individuals for positions in her restaurant.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Actor Dax Shepard talks with The Advocate about marriage, sexuality, “f***ing with gender norms,” and his latest movie, “CHiPs.”

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