5 LGBT things you need to know today, March 3

1. March 8 is International Women’s Day, for which is planned “A Day Without A Woman.” This strike, initiated by the group behind January’s Women’s March, strives to bring together marginalized groups of women (including the queer, lesbian and trans communities) to call for socioeconomic equality.

2.  In 2014, Finland approved same-sex marriage. This week, the law finally went into effect.

3. The company Inspire Investing launched new investment funds this year aimed at anti-LGBT investors. These funds, which are “biblically responsible,” exclude LGBT-friendly companies.

4. The People’s History Museum in Manchester, England, unveiled a new exhibit showcasing the country’s LGBT history. “Never Going Underground” features art, pop culture, news items and other pieces that demonstrate the movement for equality.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Indian film “Ka Bodyscapes” was banned from being shown in India. Why? It “glorifies” gay relationships and prominently features feminist activists, which apparently offend the sensibilities of the country. Critics say the decision negatively affects the independent movie industry.