1. It looks like North Carolinians may all be able to pee in peace. The state legislature reached a compromise repeal piece last night which “isn’t perfect,” but begins to repair the damage done by the “bathroom bill.”

2. This ain’t yo’ mama’s Tupperware party. Drag queen Dee W. Ieye will host a Tupperware party tomorrow evening at Ohio University, with suggested donations to attend going to a fund that assists LGBT students who’ve been cut off from their families.

3. The mayors of Orlando and Orange County, Florida, declared June 12 as “Orlando United Day — A Day of Love and Kindness” in honor of those who died in the Pulse nightclub massacre last summer.

4. Salon takes a look at why so many advocacy groups are fighting the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, like the fact that in his dissertation, Gorsuch opposed legal recognition for LGBT couples.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Director Alfonso Rodriguez takes on the emotion of loss in the short film “The 3rd Try,” starring Imana Breaux and the androgynous model and activist, Rain Dove.

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