1. Russian authorities arrested LGBT and human rights activists during May Day protests, which were geared to raise awareness of the violence against gay men in Chechnya.

2. Gregory Angelo, president of the Log Cabin Republicans — a LGBT GOP organization — wrote to The New York Times, saying President Donald Trump is indeed supportive of the LGBT community.

3. The Louisiana legislature moves forward this week with House Bill 27, which would add protections for same-sex couples in domestic violence cases. Right now, the state only allows for complaints to be raised against partners of the opposite sex.

4. Photographer Hamada Elrasam brings us Humans of New York-style photos and statements from members of Rwanda’s LGBT community, who share what it’s like to be themselves in a country that’s not always welcoming.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Human Rights Campaign reviews the president’s first 100 days, and how they affected the LGBT community.

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