1. Take a look at the Human Rights Campaign’s statement on President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey this week.

2. In addition to arresting and torturing gay men, authorities in Chechnya and Russia are also now arresting and detaining activists who want to help them. Five activists were arrested today after trying to deliver a petition to Russian leaders urging them to investigate the situation.

3. Canada just released a rainbow maple leaf postal stamp honoring same-sex marriage.

4. Read as Yale School of Medicine research fellow Jack Turban goes off on the American College of Pediatricians — a LGBT hate group with a name designed to be easily confused with the legitimate scientific group, American Academy of Pediatrics.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: The annual Diversity Honors was held over the weekend in Florida, honoring a number of LGBT leaders and allies. The event raised money for both the Harvey Milk Foundation and the Pride Center at Equality Park.

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