5 LGBT things you need to know today, May 27

1. “The federal judges who have supplied an unbroken wave of victories across the country to supporters of same-sex marriage are more diverse than their rulings would suggest: white and black, gay and straight, nominated by Democrats (most of them) and chosen by Republicans (a few of them).” WaPo looks at the diversity of the judges who keep ruling in favor of marriage equality.

2. Vox talks with legal experts who predict the Supreme Court could take up and rule on marriage equality as soon as next June, with the cases in Utah and Virginia being the most likely to reach the highest court.

3. A study is out showing that gay men’s patterns of brain activity adapt to parenthood in similar ways to those of straight new moms and straight new dads, which bolsters the argument that gay parents are just as fit as straight parents.

4. “What if gay marriage really will change the institution of marriage, shifting conceptions around monogamy and intimacy? On the other hand, what if the domesticating institution of marriage changes—and even erases—the more libertine tendencies of gay culture?” The Daily Beast predicts if and how same-sex marriage will change the institution of marriage.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: When Kurt was crowned prom queen in a season two episode of “Glee,” it was a cruel joke played on him by his peers. Not so for Nasir Fleming, whose Danbury High School classmates wildly cheered on as they made him the school’s first gay male to be crowned prom queen.