1. Gay political statistics guru Nate Silver says Republicans have a 76.2 percent chance of winning the Senate.

2. “I asked [the campaigner] what happens if Burnaby First fails with the election. She said, if another party wins, they support the gays and they can also change the kids’ sex at school … at school they will give the kids something like a drug injection … and the school won’t tell parents.” And you thought the elections have gone in the gutter here.

3. Yikes. How a gay couple’s decision to donate sperm to their lesbian friends resulted in “mutual loathing.”

4. “Without the stigma, however, much of what we have written about in the last hundred years will be largely irrelevant. We won’t be suffering, suicidal, sex-crazed perverts anymore; we will be loving, caring, responsible individuals, even in the mind of the reading public. It may be some way off, but we are getting there. What, then, will happen to literature?” A HuffPo contributor on the future of gay literature.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Preview of this upcoming Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “This Is Life with Lisa Ling,” which will be all about gay rodeo.

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  1. Eric Mills

    “Gay Rodeo”? Just say NO! And to all other rodeos, too, an activity condemned by EVERY major animal welfare organization in the country. And Cesar Chavez, too, founder of the United Farm Workers.

    “Gay rodeo” sounds like an oxymoron to begin with. As a gay man myself, it’s more than ironic that gay people, with our long history of oppression and disenfranchisement, should be passing the abuse on to innocent farm animals. Does not compute. Hell, most of these guys can’t even ride a horse! And the majority of the events have NOTHING to do with life on a working ranch.

    Eric Mills, coordinator


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