5 LGBT things you need to know today, Nov. 8

1. The Washington Post reports that the Human Rights Campaign is preparing to release a report after the election urging more than 70 specific policy changes that would ban LGBT discrimination in federal programs and show a government-wide commitment to diversity in gender identification and sexual orientation.

2. A gay couple were part of the mob that attacked a Trump protester who was mistakenly believed to have a gun at a Saturday rally in Nevada.

3. A federal judge in Pittsburgh ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

4. And how about some happy news from someone who’s trying to make it cool to be kind? Buzzfeed checks in with Hannah Hart, the “My Drunk Kitchen” star that they say “might be YouTube’s first crossover queer icon.”

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: The Human Rights Campaign is out with an ad honoring President Obama’s LGBT legacy and saying Hillary Clinton is the one who will continue it.