5 LGBT things you need to know today, Oct. 24

1. The Log Cabin Republicans have officially refused to endorse Donald Trump for President, citing the discriminatory beliefs of his most senior advisors – though they also refer to him as the most pro-LGBT candidate in Republican Party history.

2. The “Alan Turing Bill,” which would have pardoned thousands of men convicted of same-sex “offenses” prior to changes in British law, failed to pass in Parliament after the British government withdrew their support for the bill.

3. BuzzFeed is starting a new series of articles examining the shifts in legal rights and protections for the transgender community over the past five years.

4. President Obama is only endorsing one governor running for office this year, and it’s openly bisexual Oregon Gov. Kate Brown, who became governor last year following Gov. John Kitzhaber.

5. VIDEO: Christine Leinonen, mother of one of the Pulse shooting victims, is now fighting to change America’s gun laws.