1. “As America learns more about gay people’s lives, it sees us as neighbors, not perverts; as parents, not predators; and as families, not freaks. Now that the judiciary is starting to see us this way as well, I’m optimistic about more court victories for our equality.” James Esseks with an op-ed in The Advocate on how gay people raising kids has gone from a tool to block marriage equality to a major argument for legal recognition of marriage equality.

2. Buzzfeed with 10 questions it’s never okay to ask a transgender person.

3. Brave. A Muslim academic has opened a gay-friendly mosque in South Africa. Women will also be allowed to lead prayers there as well.

4. Queerty with a brief history of San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair, occurring this Sunday.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Students at James Madison University drown out an anti-gay preacher by singing a song about love and tolerance.

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