1. Just in time for Bisexual Awareness Week, Lord Ivar Mountbatten becomes the first out member of the British Royal Family after coming out as bisexual.

2. “Gender-fluid” has been added to the Oxford English dictionary.

3. “Good for her. Good for Charlotte. And good for the cause of civil rights.” The Charlotte News & Observer’s editorial board applauded Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts for standing firm Monday against Gov. Pat McCrory’s offer of a “reset” regarding the controversial anti-LGBT House Bill 2.

4. Mic takes a look at “Strut,” a reality show about transgender models.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: “I hope you understand what being transgender means. It doesn’t make me any less or any more. It makes me me. And no one can change that.” A 12-year-old trans student in Pennsylvania delivers a passionate speech about equality to local school officials after a cisgender teen complained about the district’s locker room policies.

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