5 LGBT things you need to know today, Sept. 25

1. Police in Azerbaijan claim that they’re cracking down on prostitution — but activists say that is a screen for picking up and torturing gay men and transgender women.

2. The Los Angeles LGBT Center hosted its annual gala awards over the weekend. TV producer Shonda Rimes presented one of the awards, and took a few minutes to address LGBT and minority representation on the screen.

3. The Herald-Sun takes a look at LGBT elders, examining why they tend to “re-closet” themselves after retirement, and how they search for community together.

4. Did you miss Bi Week last week? Don’t worry — Glamour has you covered all year round with 10 bisexual YouTube stars to watch.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Out actor Jim Parsons opens up to Stephen Colbert about marriage, and why he and his husband chose to wait until the perfect moment to tie the knot.