5 LGBT things you need to know today, Dec. 4

1. “I would have raised prices higher. That’s my duty.” The Most Hated Man on the Internet Martin Shkreli didn’t disappoint when he was asked how he would re-do the past three months, when pharmaceutical CEO came under fire for raising the price of popular AIDS drug Daraprim by more than 5000 percent.

2. 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz laid into gay soldiers, trans people and marriage equality in a conference call for conservative activists.

3. The anti-LGBT group American Family Association has a Naughty-or-Nice 2015 Retailer List where they rate companies based on how much they promote and celebrate Christmas.

4. “The reason I wanted to change it was because I don’t like gay, you know. My kids never liked that name of the street, they were embarrassed of the street.” See what happened when residents of North Gay Drive in Pharr, Texas applied to have their street name changed.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Don’t miss this three-minute short film called “Tabdeel” which shows two women discussing an upcoming wedding.