5 LGBT things to know today, Nov. 18

1)Utah lawmaker Jackie Biskupski became the first openly gay mayor of Salt Lake City on Nov.17. “Today is not just about making history,” Biskupski said. “It is about people. It is about affecting change.”

2)Speaking to the LA Times, Caitlyn Jenner revealed she still plans to vote for a Republican Presidential candidate, despite most of the contenders being staunch opponents of trans and LGB rights.

3)Most young black men who have sex with men, one of the only demographics where HIV infections still are on the rise, still don’t know about PrEP.

4) The Huffington Post Gay Voices offers up 8 things later-in-life lesbians want us all to know. Our favorite: “I Didn’t “Become” Gay. Hat tip to straight homophobes everywhere.

VIDEO: A new add by Mass Mutual gets to the heart of gay marriage and what it means to the couples who have legalized their unions. You’ll need tissue for this one.