5 LGBT things you need to know today, April 6

1. From the Bad Timing Department, a newly elected lawmaker in Louisiana proposed a “religious freedom” bill on Friday.

2. From the Great Timing Department, the issue of “religious freedom” and LGBT discrimination was at the center of Sunday night’s episode of “The Good Wife,” which was filmed two months ago.

3. Two Florida teens have been charged with a hate crime after attacking a gay Orlando man, the footage of which was captured on video.

4. “As school board president, I don’t agree with Carroll banning her from her prom just because of what she wants to wear — that’s discrimination. As far as I know there is no Monroe City School Board policy saying what someone has to wear to attend the prom. You can’t just go making up policies.” A school board president in Louisiana has come to the defense of a lesbian student who was told she couldn’t wear a tuxedo to prom.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: SNL delightfully took down CNN on their now-infamous reenactments, at one point showing a performance art group reenacting the controversy over Indiana’s “religious freedom” law.