5 LGBT things you need to know today, Aug. 6

1. “With its outhouses, goats and vegetable gardens, it doesn’t appear far different from your textbook commune. Until, that is, you hear about a spot called Sex Change Ridge, a network of hiking trails called the Fruit Loop and a functionary called the Empress.” Don't miss this New York Times Magazine deep dive on the Radical Faeries and the commune for LGBT nonconformists at Short Mountain in Tennessee.

2. ThinkProgress with a story on a the mistreatment of a dying gay man in Texas in what the Dallas Voice said goes “a step beyond even Westboro Baptist Church.”

3. A bus driver in Ireland was overhead by passengers telling his supervisor that he couldn't get through the city center during Belfast Gay Pride because there were “too many bum-busters” on the road.

4. The North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce launched a campaign to counter anti-gay businesses by offering “Welcome Everyone” window stickers and counter signs for businesses.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Trans people finish the sentence “I'm trans, but I'm not…”