5 LGBT things you need to know today, Feb. 22

1. Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is using ‘bathroom scare tactics’ to threaten legislative intervention if Charlotte’s City Council votes to include LGBT people in the city’s public accommodation laws.

2.Actor and founding member of New Kids on The Block, Donnie Wahlberg is under fire for endorsing Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio. Wahlberg’s bandmate Jonathan Knight is openly gay. Rubio is a staunch marriage equality opponent.

3.Nicholas Hawkins, 19, a bisexual Alabama teen was found dead just a few days after telling his mother he thought someone was trying to kill him.

4. Women, LGBT people and those from ethnic minority backgrounds are suffering under an “epidemic of invisibility” in Hollywood, according to a damning new report on diversity released days before the 2016 Oscars.

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Watch famed New York City voguer, Kia Michelle Benbow vogue  in the streets of Bogotá, Colombia in the music video for Pillar Point’s single “Dove.”