5 LGBT things you need to know today, July 1

1. A gay couple in Seattle say they were attacked by a group yelling homophobic slurs while attending a Pride event on Sunday.

2. “By allowing high-status men to hoard wives at the expense of lower-status men, polygamy withdraws the opportunity to marry from people who now have it; same-sex marriage, by contrast, extends the opportunity to marry to people who now lack it. One of these things, as they say on Sesame Street, is not like the other.” Jonathan Rauch in Politico on how polygamy is not the next same-sex marriage.

3. Reuters on how the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality will affect President Obama’s trip to Africa and the status of LGBT rights across the continent.

4. “I don’t want them around me. Because their lifestyle is what I disagree with. People say ‘you need to accept them, you need to accept them.’ I don’t have to.” A hardware store owner in Washburn, Tennessee won’t be marching in any Pride parades anytime soon.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Washington, D.C. police arrested six people yesterday during a protest against the detention of undocumented LGBT immigrants. President Obama was interrupted about the same issue by a protestor at last week’s LGBT Pride reception at the White House.