5 LGBT things you need to know today, March 1

1. The New York Times has a story on a Hamas commander who was killed by his own men last month after being accused of theft and being gay.

2. “A discriminatory bill will only make us feel more isolated and alone. People claim that we are scary because we are different or our bodies are different. They tell us we are ‘twisted’ and don’t know who we are, but I know who I am and am proud of it.” A trans high school student in South Dakota writes an editorial in the Washington Post on the state’s anti-trans bill.

3. “If Adidas works as aggressively on behalf of LGBT people who want to play and/or enjoy sports as Nike has to guarantee that people can come out and then get back to work in the sports world, it sounds like a good thing for all athletes and fans.” Trans ESPN sportswriter Christina Kahrl on why recent moves from Nike and Adidas regarding the LGBT community are important.

4. An Icelandic airline has unveiled a giant pink plane called “GAY” because why not?

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: YouTubers and longtime couple Lacie and Robin talk about why life gets better as you get older.