5 LGBT things you need to know today, Nov. 12

1. “I was kind of caught off guard because I didn’t think anything like that would happen anymore. It’s not fair, and it’s not right, and it hurts me really badly because I haven’t done anything wrong.” A Utah judge has removed a lesbian couple’s foster child from their home, saying she’ll be better off with a straight couple.

2. Don’t miss this straight man’s humble response to a gay man’s advances, which has since gone viral.

3. The Atlantic has an interesting story on a Christian lesbian who is saving herself for marriage.

4. Slate looks at why some men still cruise in public places when gay sex is legal.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: “I want to apologize for all of the hurtful and painful things that have been said about people in the church that have been talented and gifted and musical, that we’ve used and we’ve embarrassed… and all this other horrible crap that we’ve done. We have not treated them like people. We’re talking about human beings, men and women that God has created.” Grammy-winning gospel star Kirk Franklin in an interview with The Grio.