Clay Aiken

5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, Jan. 31

1. President Trump delivered his first State of the Union speech last night, omitting any references to LGBTQ rights. In Democratic Rep. Joe Kennedy’s response, however, he specifically mentioned transgender rights, the Black Lives Matter movement and the equal rights of all regardless of a spouse’s gender.

2. Arthur Wagner, a member of the far-right, anti-Islam political party Alternative for Germany, who resigned from the party after converting to Islam, has revealed that he made the choice only to protest the Protestant Church’s acceptance of same-sex marriage and what he views as its “moral decline.”

3. The first out lesbian CEO of the the Democratic National Committee, Jess O’Connell, resigned abruptly earlier this week after less than a year on the job. O’Connell was the first out lesbian to head a major party committee.

4. Out singer/politician Clay Aiken apparently ponied up some cash for Twitter followers and then attempted to use the extra social media support in a customer-service beef he had against Volvo.

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: We can’t wait to see the Ellen Page zombie flick “The Cured,” in theaters and available on demand February 23.