5 LGBTQ things you need to know today, April 20

1. Iceland tops the list of fastest growing countries for LGBT acceptance, according to GayStar News. The Williams Institute at UCLA researched data from 141 countries. Since the year 1980, the average levels of acceptance for LGBTQ people have increased globally.

2. Glee star Kevin McHale’s new boyfriend has been positively identified. The 29-year-old has hinted about the relationship on a series of Instagram posts. The gentleman in question is singer and actor Austin McKenzie, who last appeared in Deaf West’s Broadway revival of “Spring Awakening.”

3. A rugby team from Bristol, England recently changed its name to the Bristol Bears, in an attempt at rebranding. Fans are freaking out: apparently, the Bristol Bears is the name if a celebrated local gay establishment. A spokeswoman from Bristol Sport has said that the team was aware of the bar from the beginning.

4. A 16-year-old Star Wars fan from New York got Isaac Oscar to endorse a particular Star Wars ship: Finn and Poe. Madeline waited for the actor outside “Live With Kelly and Ryan.” According to BuzzFeed, “Then she got him to, quite literally, sign off on her poster that read ‘FinnPoe is endgame.’ The actor autographed the sign and added that it was ‘fully endorsed.'”

5. VIDEO OF THE DAY: Cynthia Nixon appears on Colbert, cracks wise about Cuomo: