Questioning whether or not that ad was too graphic, I intentionally avoided addressing the ad’s potential effectiveness. I’ve never studied how this or any kind of HIV prevention strategies affect transmission rates, so guessing at it would be purely conjecture.

Mark S. King seems to know a little more — OK, a lot more — than I do about the topic. And he’s pissed.

In a blog posted earlier this week, King and POZ Magazine founder Sean Strub “joined a chorus of advocates who are furious over a fearful New York City public health commercial,” arguing that fear-based messages don’t change long-term behavior.

Even better, King includes a short video with Strub addressing “Five Things About HIV (They’re Not Telling You,” which include  “An undetectable viral load may rival a condom” and “Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) is effective.”

Both of the concepts are new to me, and both seem pretty edgy compared to the prevention messages I’ve seen, but I’m all for anything that’s really going to lower transmission rates.

No matter where you stand on these issues, it’s evident that our community is still struggling with effective HIV prevention strategies.

Watch King and Strub discuss the topic:

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