Final round voting for the 7th Annual Georgia Voice Best of Atlanta awards ended July 7.

Join the community on July 20 at the Georgian Terrace Hotel as we eat, drink and present the awards to your winners in Atlanta’s LGBT community in Arts & Entertainment, Community, Eats, Nightlife, People, Pet Care, Services and Shopping!


*FREE admission
*Awards Ceremony hosted by Melissa Carter
*Beats by DJ Calvin
*Complimentary cocktails by Green’s Beverages and Jackson Family Wines
*Lite bites by Henry’s Midtown Tavern, Campagnolo, Twisted Soul and Rize Artisan Pizza
*Sweet treats by Metrotainment

RSVP now and see you on the 20th!

44 Responses

    • Patrick Saunders

      Hi Sadie, we went back through the list and added the bartender poll in, it was mistakenly left out. Thanks for weighing in!

    • Patrick Saunders

      Hi Dan, which categories do you think we should include more nominees in? We’ll take any feedback you have into account for next year’s awards.

      • Cindy

        How about film-related categories? Filmmaker (or Director, Producer), Film Actor, Film Festival, Film special event, Film w/LGBT theme/character shot in Atlanta (major studio), Film w/LGBT theme/character produced in Atlanta (independent)…

      • Steve

        How about President, 6th district congress, governor, US House speaker, majority leader, press secretary,
        OR….to make it easier, just put in a ballot of democrats ONLY, and let the votes be on it.

        And….in other news….
        Easiest in atlanta

        Most “well known”….
        Best rest manager (personable) …
        Theater ticket taker….
        Most used/trusted uber driver…
        Best refuse service Co…..
        FRIENDLIEST Apartments….
        (Activities, friendships, community activities)
        Best place to meet REAL gay men/women. Not only these bars/meat markets. Somewhere that there is no need for a “check your ‘tude at the door.”

        Local necessitty stores (grocery, shopping, etc. where you can go, speak to people, maybe a random conversation, and not be shunned and given the “dismissed” look, because you’ve not gotten hard s plugs nor live in the gym, and drive a car that you’re in hock for, until
        It falls apart (and you’re still in hock)

        You m general, some REAL places, where real gay people go and live real lives. Not just the gay to
        Show off, or only the bar scenes.

        Also…in the medical field, notnjust Drs, etc but nurses, PA, NP, the people that know what’s going on.
        In addition to the dr that does a drive by view at your chart…oops, your two minutes are up.

        How about fast food person. May not always be the hottest, wealthiest, best dressed, but there’s USUALLY at PEAST one with a kind, warm, greeting, or smile. Or even if it is a cute college guy, working to put themself thru college, and knows what reality is.

        And Of course….
        Even in the gay scene, I noticed there was no “best of atlanta strip club.
        The dancers…..
        Bar boys….
        MANAGERS with good attitudes and NOT THE CRAPPY, BITTER ines that had to DJ, because they couldn’t cut it or make money dancing.

        And, the crowning prize, the customerbtst goes on a regular/or 1 time basis, and can leave with out being swinddeled/hustled. Ask to
        Buy drinks (or drugs) or both.
        Taken to the back furBABIES”10 (one) song that year until Sunday d from t your friend not. They swivel a few times, never seen a dance) and theyntgeybtellnyiun”that was 4 songs, younger we me $60 more…do you want to keep

        Things REAL people do.
        Things that the “in crowd” isn’t the Insnt the only people that are invited.

        (Well….maybe a few pool/foam parties, all the hot guys in speedos (if they feel the need to wear anything, and the voyeurs can stand around and watch.
        In a city the size of atlanta, there has to be guys that enjoy showing off she beingbscehhhgggg

    • Mark

      Almost none. I wonder when Atlanta as a large city will have place that justify the tittle and fame that no longer exist. Clubs are little bars that close early and the after hours options can’t be serious. Flex has the worst management and Manifest besides being very tiny just use 2/3 of the space they could use to justify the sq/ft paid for. Atlanta deserve WAY more than just fame and price.

  1. john

    Barb and Suzanne were a great team, realtor and attorney in a single package. Fantastic services and personal touch.

  2. Ed S Henderson

    Consider linking to the photos of these people / places or if there has been a prior article about them in Georgia Voice

  3. Jackie Tarpinian

    We wouldn’t miss a stop at Alon’s bakery when we visit Atlanta. If you have ‘t ever been there…give it a try (along with their many other food departments!

  4. ivebeenattacked

    Im just here to say that Evah destruction deserves your vote tbh

  5. Mary

    Yay go JTyler!!!! all the love from me n fellow Arbys peps you got this baby

  6. Jay Simpson

    Is this for performers, bartenders, etc that are in Atlanta? Just wondering because Hayden Fury has not lived in Atlanta for 2 years, he is in Valdosta (south ga). He hasn’t performed that much in Atlanta in the past year either. Just wondering since this is the best of Atlanta, or is it best of all of Georgia?

  7. J. D'Amico

    Ron McGuire aka “Ronnie” deserves that win as Best Bartender for sure. Go Ronnie Go Go Go!

  8. J. D'Amico

    Trashetta Galore deserves that win for sure. Trashetta We Love Ya!

    The Armorettes deserve the wins in any category as well……Camp Drag Entertainment for Charity longest running Sunday night weekly show for charity and so much time and all in name of charity…Priceless!

  9. Ulester Douglas

    I hope the Counter Narrative Project wins the LGBT Non-Profit category, and Charles Stephens the Activist category. Much deserved.

  10. Timothy

    Was wondering if you’re a finalist when will you know who won?? Also the awards dinner,how does it work,who can u bring,etc?

    • Patrick Saunders

      Hi Timothy. Finalists will find out at the party on July 20th, and bring whomever you want. It’s not a sit-down dinner; there will be food stations and bars set up around the ballroom. Hope that helps!


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