Who are our Best of Atlanta cover models?

It was one of those interesting shoots where not everybody knows everybody, but everyone seemed to talk to each other. It was also nice for us to see the people who represent our community in so many areas gathered in one spot. We hope it was for the models as well.

It was also really awesome, and sweet, to see trans activist Tracee McDaniel helping Blondie put on her makeup and eyelashes. This is not something that happens every day.

Sometimes we get trapped in our own cliques and don’t see others in the LGBT communities with whom we share so much, but are often divided by some kind of differences. Our Best of Atlanta awards, as well as GA Voice itself,  try to recognize people from all segments of LGBT Atlanta. And we think it shows in this cover.

We thank our models for making time to for the shoot and enduring the heat: Jeff Donaldson, Mr. Atlanta Eagle; Jackie Hubschman, Ms. Atlanta Eagle; Tracee McDaniel, founder of Juxtaposed Center for Transformation; Amber Taylor, lead singer and guitarist for the Sexual Side Effects; the One and Only Blondie; and Jonathan Kilgore and Joe Pennington from the Atlanta Bucks.