This one is for you

As a media outlet our focus is understandably on our readers. Many hours go into planning and writing the stories we believe people want to read. We constantly update our website, relentlessly post on our Facebook page and craft in-depth articles for our print edition. We work hard to engage our readers, to inform them and to help them see the bigger picture. But we also appreciate the fact that there would be no GA Voice — no articles, no Facebook page, no website, and no newspaper — without your dollars and the belief that we can deliver business to your door.

So this newsletter is for you. As a GA Voice advertiser you provide us with the means to go about our business. It seems only right that we help you out as well. As a fellow business owner I know how challenging it is to meet payroll, pay the rent, keep customers happy and at the same time maintain a sharp focus on our goals.

I hope this newsletter helps you in some fashion to better juggle all of the demands of running your business. Each month it will bring you advertising and marketing tips and news about GA Voice and other LGBT organizations to let you know about networking, sponsorships and other marketing opportunities. In addition, each month we will feature a GA Voice advertiser so we all know each other better. I encourage you to turn to fellow GA Voice advertisers when making a purchase or seeking out a service. In these toughest of economic times, banding together and forming partnerships can be valuable tools for survival and growth.

Let me know if I can help you in any way and e-mail me with any suggestions you might have for your newsletter.



Chris Cash